No need to set up an SEO team or to invest in infrastructure for SEO Resellers

White Label SEO Reseller Programs work best with SEO companies that are reputed and follow ethical white hat SEO strategies and practices.

Resellers are assured that any new business that they pick up will be executed by experienced,Guest Posting qualified, and above all certified SEO professionals who are knowledgeable and aware about latest Google Webmaster guidelines and industry best practices related to SEO techniques that keep getting updated and modified from time to time.

White Label SEO Reseller Programs are focussed and customer facing. They are linked to content based SEO strategies that are based on customer needs and what the customer is looking for and wants to share with others. Content based strategies are more successful now than the earlier SEO strategies that relied heavily on keyword stuffing and automated link farms.

How does the White label SEO Reseller Program work?

In this changed scenario Resellers work in partnership with SEO companies in order to expand their customer base and to reach out to a larger target audience. Their main focus is to win business and bring customers to SEO companies who utilize their experienced team of qualified and certified designers, developers and SEO professionals to create and implement an SEO strategy that may be for 6 months to 12 months or even longer.

Ease of operation and savings in costs are biggest advantages of White Label Reseller Program

– For Resellers there is no need to set up a development center or to employ an SEO team

– Resellers only need to focus on winning customers and giving their references to the SEO Company

– Resellers can work from their homes or own offices.

– SEO Company supports them by updating them with latest news and happenings in SEO industry

What are the Do’s and Don’ts of White label SEO Reseller Program

White Label SEO Reseller Programs are based on the following bigcommerce seo services principles:

– SEO Campaigns are executed by the SEO company and reports are sent to the Reseller

– The SEO Company can also remain in the background and send reports directly to the customer with the imprint/ logo, address and email ID of the Reseller.

– Both the customer and Reseller can log into the Project Management System of the SEO Company to check the status of the project and view progress, work done etc.

– The SEO Company quotes a price of the different SEO packages to the Reseller and the Reseller has the option of deciding the margin of profit that he wants to charge the customer.

– The ownership of the SEO campaign always remains with the Reseller and he is the face to the customer. The SEO Company always remains in the background.